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Frequently Asked Questions

Giftbull is a UK-based digital gift card platform that offers a wide variety of gift cards and vouchers from popular retailers worldwide.

At the moment, Giftbull operates in the UK, but we've got ambitious plans to expand to other parts of the globe very soon! :)

Once you've added the digital gift cards and vouchers you wish to purchase to your basket, you will need to provide your billing and payment information to complete your purchase.

We currently accept debit and credit cards with a Visa logo.

We will notify you via e-mail when we send the gift card or voucher to its recipient on the date you specified when buying the gift card/voucher.

Yes. Please visit Corporate Solutions to find out more about Giftbull's Employee & Merchant (E&M) Benefit Programme for businesses. You can also e-mail us at [email protected] for assistance.

The prepaid gift cards and vouchers provided by Giftbull can be redeemed in store and/or online. For detailed redemption instructions, please refer to the 'How to Redeem' section on the page for the gift card or voucher you wish to purchase.

In most cases, you can check your gift card balance by visiting the brand's own balance checker website. For gift cards belonging to brands that do not offer an online balance checker, you may have to contact the brand directly to obtain information about your gift card balance.

The expiry information for each gift card or voucher you purchase can be found in the order details we send you via e-mail each time you place an order on Giftbull. You may also access this information by logging in to Giftbull and accessing My Gift Cards under My Account.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept cancellations on orders once they have been submitted. For security reasons, an e-gift card or voucher with a valid balance cannot be refunded once the serial number is sent to your e-mail address. For more information, please get in touch with our Customer Support team by e-mailing [email protected].

No, we do not accept returns on gift cards or vouchers purchased via Giftbull.

Your order may be declined for one of two reasons: Either the gift card/voucher you wish to purchase is out of stock, or your payment method was declined. For more information about your specific order, please get in touch with our Customer Support team by e-mailing [email protected].

We may refund your payment if we run out of stock for an e-gift card you purchased. If that is the case, the cost of the e-gift card will be refunded to your debit or credit card on the same day.

In rare cases where we run out of stock for a gift card or voucher you wish to purchase, our system automatically prevents an order from being created. If this is the case, we will refund your payment right away.

We use 2048-bit SHA-2 SSL Certificate Encryption, which offers the most advanced level of protection available. You will also be glad to know that Giftbull does not store your credit card information.

Our office is closed on Christmas and New Year's Day.